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Re: New Speaker of House against arts funding

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sunnygift (sunnygift)
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 21:19:55 -0800

Dear Jeanne:

My name is Shiny Fang, a supportless Chines artist. English is not my first
langue, hope you do not mind read the followings.

I used to make a lot of efforts for creating and developing meaningful
arts, but at present time, I work for computer related field. Most people
think I am abnormal due to my flexible life style and artistic creativity.

Unfortunately, the majority of people in this country do not have wisdom to
interpret the meaningful arts. Many people still think artists are either
abnormal or something wrong with their creativity. Although I like my
present job, I still worry about that I might gradually lose the valuable
ability for developing infinite and meaningful arts.

Life is very tough to some supportless artists, unless they can get either
families or government's support. I hope wealthy people and the people work
in education, political or artistic fields will be open-minded as to support
the real artists. It will be useful for our culture and future lives.

----------Shiny F

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Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 6:33 PM
Subject: FW: New Speaker of House against arts funding

>WASHINGTON, DC -- Dennis Hastert, (R-IL) New Speaker of the House of
>Representatives, is opposed to any federal funding of the National
>for the Arts, according to People for the American Way Foundation (PFAW)
>ARTS ON THE LINE. Arts on the Line reports that Representative Hastert was
>Co-Sponsor of HR789 to end most royalties to Composers and songwriters. He
>voted to end all funding to the NEA on July 10, 1997, and on July 21, 1998,
>he voted against the NEA on the Johnson Amendment to restore funding.
>According to PFAW, Hastert also favors Internet censorship. He has received
>100 % ratings from the Christian Coalition, the National Rifle Association
>and the National Right to Life and 0% ratings from the American Civil
>Liberties Union and the American Association of University Women. The Human
>Rights Campaign has given him a 0% scorecard rating for the 102d, 103d, and
>104th Congresses.
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