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RE: Creativity test

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Sears, Ellen (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:22:11 -0500

I am seeing a rectangle, one pair of opposite sides connected at the

horizontal -
a game of tug and war on the other side of the door
desert landscape outside a window
pair of flippers on a glass bottom boat (from the bottom)

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> From: marilyn.juda
> Sent: Thursday, January 21, 1999 9:58 AM
> To: gine;
> Subject: Creativity test
> Several years ago I took a psychology course and we were given a test for
> creativity (without knowing what it was at the time). It was very simple.
> We were shown an image which was two connecting squares, one next to the
> other. You could look at it either vertical or horizontal, and then you
> were to write on a piece of paper what it was.
> After the test, it turned out that the most creative people wrote several
> answers even though it hadn't been specified how many you could write,
> whereas the least creative wrote just one and then stopped...usually
> something unimaginative like a door or two boxes.
> Some of the more creative answers were great. The ones I can remember
> are:
> (When looked at vertically)
> 1. An elevator that can't decide whether to go up or to go down.
> 2. A two floor skyscraper.
> (When looked at horizontally)
> 1. a coffin for twins (ugh)
> 2. eye glasses for someone without a nose
> 3. the box used by the man in the circus to cut a lady in two
> Now you people on ARTSEDNET list are all creative! What answers can you
> come up with? Try it with your students and see what they come up with.
> Ciao,
> marilyn juda-Orlandi
> Monte Porzio Catone, Italy
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> >Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 14:00:40 +0000
> >From: NoSpam <gine>
> >Subject: Norway calling: Info wanted about creativity!
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> >Hello everybody!
> >
> >I am a graduate student from a university in Norway, studying visual
> >communication. I am now writing my degree on the subject "creativity".
> >This thesis is a half-year research, and therefore it will contain
> >several themes. I will write about the left/right brain and how it works
> >whithin this area, children and creativity (why do they lose c. as they
> >get older?), different processes behind creative sollutions, the c.
> >potential of different materials, concious/un-, subconcious c., creative
> >techniques, are some groups of humans more creative, eg. lefthanders?,
> >c. and drugs, culture, people/kids with Downs syndrome and authistic
> >persons, can c. be taught, what kills creativity, c. and personality,
> >intellectuality, intelligence, psychology, inspiration, motivation,
> >environment and so on. Last, but certainly not least (in fact, this will
> >be the main part), I will interview a dozen persons in different
> >proffessions (authors, musicians, lawyers, politicians&economists,
> >photographers, sportsmen, filmmakers, designers+different kinds of
> >artists, and other persons in "more or less" creative working
> >situations. The Big Question here is: Does the word " creativity" mean
> >the same to everybody, or is c. for a politician way different than for
> >a painter and a football coach? Are there any kind of basic elements
> >that bind all human beings together in the area of creativity? To go
> >through with these interviews I need some intelligent questions. I have
> >some, of course, but could use more. There must be lots of stuff that I
> >haven`t thought about, so any input on any of the topics above (or other
> >relevant subjects concerning the world of creativity), and good
> >questions to my interviewobjects, will be received with great, great
> >appreciation.
> >Snowcapped and grateful regards from Gine,
> >the land of the midnight sun
> >