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Marilyn Juda Orlandi (marilyn.juda)
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:58:32 +0100 (MET)

Several years ago I took a psychology course and we were given a test for
creativity (without knowing what it was at the time). It was very simple.

We were shown an image which was two connecting squares, one next to the
other. You could look at it either vertical or horizontal, and then you
were to write on a piece of paper what it was.

After the test, it turned out that the most creative people wrote several
answers even though it hadn't been specified how many you could write,
whereas the least creative wrote just one and then stopped...usually
something unimaginative like a door or two boxes.

Some of the more creative answers were great. The ones I can remember are:

(When looked at vertically)
1. An elevator that can't decide whether to go up or to go down.
2. A two floor skyscraper.

(When looked at horizontally)
1. a coffin for twins (ugh)
2. eye glasses for someone without a nose
3. the box used by the man in the circus to cut a lady in two

Now you people on ARTSEDNET list are all creative! What answers can you
come up with? Try it with your students and see what they come up with.

marilyn juda-Orlandi
Monte Porzio Catone, Italy

>Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 14:00:40 +0000
>From: NoSpam <gine>
>Subject: Norway calling: Info wanted about creativity!
>Hello everybody!
>I am a graduate student from a university in Norway, studying visual
>communication. I am now writing my degree on the subject "creativity".
>This thesis is a half-year research, and therefore it will contain
>several themes. I will write about the left/right brain and how it works
>whithin this area, children and creativity (why do they lose c. as they
>get older?), different processes behind creative sollutions, the c.
>potential of different materials, concious/un-, subconcious c., creative
>techniques, are some groups of humans more creative, eg. lefthanders?,
>c. and drugs, culture, people/kids with Downs syndrome and authistic
>persons, can c. be taught, what kills creativity, c. and personality,
>intellectuality, intelligence, psychology, inspiration, motivation,
>environment and so on. Last, but certainly not least (in fact, this will
>be the main part), I will interview a dozen persons in different
>proffessions (authors, musicians, lawyers, politicians&economists,
>photographers, sportsmen, filmmakers, designers+different kinds of
>artists, and other persons in "more or less" creative working
>situations. The Big Question here is: Does the word " creativity" mean
>the same to everybody, or is c. for a politician way different than for
>a painter and a football coach? Are there any kind of basic elements
>that bind all human beings together in the area of creativity? To go
>through with these interviews I need some intelligent questions. I have
>some, of course, but could use more. There must be lots of stuff that I
>haven`t thought about, so any input on any of the topics above (or other
>relevant subjects concerning the world of creativity), and good
>questions to my interviewobjects, will be received with great, great
>Snowcapped and grateful regards from Gine,
>the land of the midnight sun