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Re: No room of my own

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Sandra Poos (klpoos)
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 21:58:14 -0600

I teach art on a cart, like many of you do in elementary art. Today was
not a very good day for me. The kids were noisy and when I go into the
classrooms, there is not even a table to put the supplies on. I was
trying to grade papers today and tried to find a desk to work at. The
teacher's desk were a mess with papers, so I couldn't work there. I
sometimes feel out of place, with no art room. It just got to me after a
few classes today. If there is a table, it has computers on it. I was
very down at the end of the day. To top this off, someone took my paper
cutter and I had to hunt down another one. My storage room where I keep
my papers is also where they store tables from the lunch room and I
couldn't get in there to get my white drawing paper. Oh, another thing,
hope you don't mind me venting... I have another storage room where I
store paint, brayers,etc. That room is where they are hooking up the
internet for the classrooms, and they took an entire 6 shelves to put in
their wires, etc and moved my supplies, who knows where. I could not
find what I needed to teach the kids today so I had to do another
project. Teaching in the elementary schools is more than just a
challenge. I know alot of you guys teaching art on a cart have the some
problems. What to do??? I am going to talk to the principal tomorrow and
ask her if it is possible to have one free table in each classroom for
the art teacher; for her supplies and just to grade at. I feel like I am
intruding each time I go into a teacher's classroom. I try to leave it
just the way I found it, but sometimes it is impossible!!
I teach at three different schools each week and the situation is the
same at all the schools except one. At this particular school, if I want
water for my buckets so the kids can paint, the door is locked and I
have to find the janitor. Then the janitor won't let me fill up my
buckets, he does. ITS HIS ROOM!!!! He and I don't seem to get along. If
the janitor's room is open, I fill up my own buckets with water and he
gets REAL upset. Go figure!!!!
Life in the elementary buildings is not easy, to say the least. How do
you guys on a cart handle some of these things????? I thought the
building was for everyone, but the janitor's room is locked and the art
teacher can't get in to get water for her classes. I have asked for a
key but I get a run around!!
If you have any ideas to help I would appreciate it. On top of that, we
had a building meeting at one of my schools that lasted until 5:00
tonight. Teaching IS NOT EASY!!!!
Sandy Poos, Elem. art- Cahokia, Ill. Dist#187