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About the Math/Art request

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 12:41:56 -0500

Hi everyone, I think I may have inspired a great debate and after reading
some of the agrees/disagrees found myself at the point I should explain
about the request. The classroom teacher and I frequently bounce ideas off
one another. In fact many times she comes to me as a resource on how she can
approach a particular curriculum concern in her own classroom. Many times I
have given her ideas about the correlation of geometry and art as well as
other things. last year we did a total Native American day where parents
came in and helped with creative activities..I developed the activities,
made recommendations to the teachers and supervised the process. It was
great! At this particular juncture she asked me if we could talk about a
lesson that would help the kids understand better what may be asked of them
on the future test. because of the nature of her own abilities she felt that
I would know better how to approach it. And I explained that it would be
something I would really have to think out, which is why I asked everyone
out there in Cyberspace their thoughts. This teacher really understands and
appreciates the art curriculum and always has positive things to say. In the
beginning of the year, I ask all teachers in the building what their
curriculum looks like just in case I am planning on doing a lesson that
perhaps may correlate with their curriculum. Rather than do it when the kids
have no understanding of say, the native americans culture. I will plan it
so that we are studying it at the sdame time in art class. So many times
before this request I found myself in the middle of a lesson to hear from
them "oh, we're actualy studying this in class now..or we'll be getting to
that in say, March too bad we didn't talk about it. So in the respect of
planning I try to work with them to avoid overlapping and I feel this only
builds on the students understanding and really emphasizes the connections
to the curriculum. Mind you, I don't always go along with their curriculum
and I have been known to look at them crazily when they suggest something
inappropriate, but if I feel that it is a concept valid enough that does not
sacrifice the content of art..we do it together. At my school we have set
periods of art integration that are used for this exact purpose. To
integrate the arts, in my opinion can only continue to validate their
credibility as a necessary and fundamental part of the curriculum which some
people unfortunately still do not understand and give credit to the power
of the arts. Of course they must not be taken advantage of and I make sure
that it is not the case. There are of course some people out there that
still want you to make the cotton ball figurines because they are reading
about clouds..this is not integration and I explain that to them. I hope
that clears up the confusion out there. However, It is good to not makes the world interesting.
Take care all, Stephanie

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