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Egyptian cartouches-elementary

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Wed, 20 Jan 1999 08:55:40 EST

Did this one with my third grade:

1. I used some 18x20" poster board but you could choose your own dimensions.
2. Draw a large cartouche leaving about 2" boarder on all sides (freehand or
Inside the cartouche have the students write their name in Hieroglyphics (make
sure the name fills the interior space)
3. Go over all of the lines in marker, any or all colors (crayola broad tips
are great)
4. Go over all of the lines with white glue (as the glue dries it absorbs the
color of the markers making a raised color line)
5. Have the students color the whole page with crayon (moderately). Use as
many colors as you want or incorporate a color theme.
6. Then have the students go over the page, detailing the cartouche, glyphs
and other areas with pastels.
7. Fix with hairspray
For display: I taped (duct) 4 sections across and 4 or 5 rows up...taped it
together into a pillar and suspended (base on the floor) it from the ceiling
in our gallery.The last taping process is difficult since you have to work on
the interior of the pillar. I also stapled cardboard squares on the inside at
the top and bottom. Did about 5 of these. It gave an appeareance of walking
through an Egyptian building (temple) full of rich/colorful hieroglypics.
Same works could be hung as panels on a wall. Duct tape was my most valuable
tool for displaying art. Never used it on the wall...just to connect artworks
together. When disassembling be careful not to tear the student's artworks.

I know it is difficult to do displays like these in most hallways...maybe you
could improvise. My school was blessed with a small gallery. What makes it
even more difficult are the regulations from the fire marshall's. Be sure to
get permission or seek forgiveness afterward.