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Re: painting on foil and other ideas

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Tue, 19 Jan 1999 18:58:54 EST

Egyptian Art--
I do Egyptian relief plaques using styrofoam meat trays and plaster of Paris.
I have the kids do a sketch of an Egyptian style wall relief. They research
Ancient Egypt in their Soc Studies class so I work with their teacher on this.
( I have lots of examples, sometimes they incorporate their names in
Hierogliphs.) After they do the sketch on paper and work out their ideas,
they draw directly on the meat trays in pencil. I am carefull to explain that
a mirror print image will result when the plaster is poured into the tray.
After their pictures are drawn into the meat tray, we mix up paster of Paris
according to lable directions and pour it into the tray level with the sides.
As the plaster hardens a paper clip or wire can be pushed into the top of the
tray for hanging when dry. When the plaster is hard, I carefully pull it out
of the tray. A relief of their drawing will be embeded into the plaster.
They then paint the plaster as desired.
Another thing I do with them is a "life size" sarcophagus. Again they research
in their Social Studies class with their teacher. I get large craft paper and
a student lays down on the paper. Someone else traces around them in a
"sarcophagus shape." They then cut them out, add details that Egyptian
coffins had and then they paint them in gold and copper and silver paint.
Sometimes they add "jewels". The Sarcophagi look very impressive mounted on
the wall all in a row because they are life size. They have a celebration
called "Nile Nibbles" which they dress up in Ancient Egyptian costume, invite
the parents and do presentations and appropriate foods.
All the best, DeDe