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Re: Drape mold

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Dianna (dmammone)
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 21:06:40 -0500

Try using slump instead of hump molds, the difference being that a slump is
something you lay a slab of clay in. We use a lot of thrown mold forms or
plaster molds that are empty. As for unusual forms, I use a half of a
basketball which I found in the street and lots of things from the party
place like party box or party city. Look for stuff at garage sales. You
just look at the outside form or the edge it makes. Also those big beach
balls. I used an old tire to make a baptismal bowl once, it says Goodyear
on the underside. I think Christ would have liked that.
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From: One of the Colmans <colmans1>
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Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 1:49 PM
Subject: Drape mold

>I have been experimenting with drape molds in my high school ceramics
>I made solid molds by filling plastic bowls with plaster. The students
>invert these and build a pot on the outside. They have been using
>embellished coil designs instead of a solid slab of clay to cover the mold.
>The problem is that by the time they finish ( it usually takes 3 to 4 class
>periods) it is very difficult to remove the pot. The pot seems to really
>stick to the mold when the clay is still fairly moist. If we wait until it
>is closer to leather hard, it tends to crack. I realize that the clay is
>shrinking and that is why it's cracking, but I don't know when the optimum
>time is to remove the pot. Are the kids presing onto the mold too tightly
>when they construct their coil designs? Also, has anyone found any
>interesting containers to make molds out of that are a bit different from
>the traditional bowl? I'd like to be able to do platters etc. Thanks!