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RE: catch up

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Bunki Kramer (
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 10:18:00 -0800 (PST)

>> ...but find it difficult at the>> middle school lever to "catch up
>>students" who are either slower>> workers, are absent, or a class misses
>>art that week due to field >> trips or vacation days.

>.....Grading them low for unfinished work actually isn't a bad
>approach because I get feedback to the students right away with the
>understanding that they can do something about it if they want. They
>know that I'm flexible...

Hi....I do the same thing at my middle school. If they are absent, I make a
choice to have them make it up in the mornings before school (this is in my
policy sheet signed by the parent) or just "excuse" them. It depends on
whether I feel it's an important step for the next project. It's my call
and they know this. I usually have them make it up.

If they turn in unfinished work, I give them a grade for unfinished
(usually a 40 or below out of 100 pts.) and this stays on the "posted"
grade sheet until they have a chance to work on it and turn it in to me
later. I'm REAL flexible. If they go to the trouble to turn it in finished,
I'll certainly give them credit anytime. Like Victor make THEM
responsible. Unlike Victor, though, my kids usually follow up on this. It's
been successful in my situation and I don't need a 2x4 to remind most of
them (not to say a "few" kids need a whack or two.)

BTW....I post my computer grades on a special "grade" bulletin board by
telephone numbers. I like to do it this way because whenever the phone #'s
change at home, I'm the first one in the school to know it. Kids hate to
have their old # up on the board...don't ask me why. I'm ALWAYS current in
my grade book when I need to call home...and they're always checking the
grade board during the week for where they stand in the class. Also...I've
NEVER had a parent upset about the posted phone #'s in the 9 yrs. I've been
at this particular case you're wondering.


PS...I do NOT teach on a cart. I have my own room, thank heavens. When I
first started teaching I rolled a grocery cart or carried things in my arms
at 3 elem. schools during the stone age. I don't remember anything about
it...must have blocked the "horror" out of my mind, I guess. Man....I don't
know HOW you guys do this EVERYDAY!! You are to be totally admired and
respected! You should elevated up there somewhere with the angels!

Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526