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Re: [Fwd: Re: Getting kids to turn in Art Projects]

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Sat, 16 Jan 1999 11:58:14 EST

In a message dated 99-01-16 11:26:22 EST, klpoos writes:

<< When I see 3/4th of the class finished, I will start a new project with the
class. The 1/4th that were not finished usually never do finish their
project and forget it. How can I get them to finish that 1st project
before they go on to the new project????
Sandy Poos, Cahokia >>

I have the same deal and begin the new project. I won't let them keep working
on the last one, they won't know how to do the next one, if they do. I will
post a list in their room 2 weeks before the quarter ends with names of kids
and what they are missing with a "0" posted.
Most of my stragglers then finish it, give it to me and want to Cross Off
Their Name on the list. They finish it, if they can take it home to do it. For
those who don't finish, I give them a C, D or 0, depending upon if they worked
in class. Some projects get more than 1 grade, for ex: an A for picture, a 0
for border, averages to a C. For calligraphy, they got 6 grades on 1 project.

My kids are hispanic, their parents want them to do well in art because their
academics may not be so hot. They love to get an A in art.

I try to have on the bottom of my carts, the supplies from the preceding
project or else the kids have them in their art box in their room. If it's
tempera, I just say that material use is OVER, you can't get it out anymore,
use a substitute media. If the project is whipped up and looks lousy, they get
a low grade. I try to remember who the slouches are. I don't have many. I draw
on the overhead, the kids draw with me. I write on their project after every
class, and when they come back, they have that feedback.That way they don't
have any excuses not to do the project because of lack of help. I can never
give them that kind of feedback personally in class. They ask questions in
front of the class, I draw the answer on the overhead.

They love art, they only get art and music and PE, no computers. When they are
getting an F, I tell them everytime I see them (for not turning in anything).

I think you have too many kids, too many schools, for art on a cart. I used to
have art rooms, but 3 schools, 3 cities, 600 kids, toooo much. I found another
job, I have 1 school now and art on a cart. It is 100 times better.