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Sandra Poos (klpoos)
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 10:23:34 -0600

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Hi Sandra,
I use this system for the 5th and 6th graders only, as they get an art
grade EVERY quarter and I want them all to get a good grade. They
usually can't remember what they have done or turned in from one week to
the next. I do NOT have an art room, so they turn in unfinished work in
the art folder to finish the next class.
Each school, and I have three, consists of 300 students, and I teach
every class except Kindergarten. Yes, I can see what they do while they
are working, but I don't take a grade on the project until it is
finished, which usuallly takes two art classes since I only see them one
a week. Again, I don't have an art room, and they hand work in and it is
put in the art folder. I NEVER have trouble with art supplies being
turned in as we start clean up 5 minutes before class is over. I like
them to WORK for 35 minutes at least.
I am taling about the 5th and 6th graders turning art work in. They
usually have 5 to 6 projects to turn into me for the quarter. When I see
3/4th of the class finished, I will start a new project with the whole
class. The 1/4th that were not finished usually never do finish their
project and forget it. How can I get them to finish that 1st project
before they go on to the new project????
Sandy Poos, Cahokia