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Re:Roman mosaics

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Fri, 15 Jan 1999 23:25:36 EST

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<< Subject: Roman art mosaics

I am organizing an art history lesson for K-4.
I will spend 30 minutes showing slides of Greek
and Roman art and 30 minutes of a mosaic activity.
I have purchased some precut small paper squares
for their activity. As an introduction, I would like to
show them something more authentic, like a tile in
progress. Any ideas? Lori in KS >>

Dear Lily,
I got some boxes of square tiles (cheap! funny colors, some overruns,
warehouse stuff) and made mosaics last year. Perhaps you could cut down the
thirty minutes of slides to perhaps 10 or 15, THEN let them break up their own
tile pieces (put between heavy paper and pound with a rock...demonstrate this)
and use these irregularly shaped, individually created pieces for their
mosaics. I used wooden blocks of assorted shapes. They trace around their
block on paper, then place their pieces on their tracing until they are
satisfied with the design. Then they glue the block and transfer their layout
to the wood. Corner pieces fit in corners, etc. Try it yourself first, and I
will bet they will enjoy this project thoroughly. More hands on. It just
takes a few slides to inspire them. Take pictures of some completed ones for
future lessons to add to your historic slides. Older kids used larger pieces
of wood, and were quite proud of these. Hope this inspires.