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Fw: College

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Larry Cox (L_J_Cox)
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 11:05:46 -0700

Dear Artsednetters;

The following is a response from a friend when I wrote her about the college
thing...this involves the ADHD thing: (Linda in NM)

: Re: Fw: Mike in College

>Hi Linda,
>Thank you for thinking of me (and Matt, of course). I found the input very
>interesting and, to some extent, a bit confusing. Some I sort of figured
>to be so, but they had a varied degree of beliefs as to how the "system"
>For Matt, I'm frustrated and stressed to the max. With his ADHD making
>learning difficult, over the years Matt has given up, for the most part, to
>try with a decent level of effort. When he does, he still doesn't achieve
>what he expects to for the amount of effort he puts in. Its a vicious
>and I have a strong fear of his dropping out of school. We have in Sylvan
>can only afford once a week. I asked for him to be tested by the school
>beginning of the year. They "tested" him and said, though his written
>composition scores were at 5th grade level, he didn't qualify for special
>education. Have been talking with a psychologist who has her own practice
>(specializing in ADHD) and is a Pleasanton School Psychologist. She told
>they only half tested him. Didn't do the other half so they could really
>compare. When I challenged the school, they said "Oh, you want the WHOLE
>testing." Duh. I guess they expect most parents not to know exactly what
>testing needs to be done and just quietly go away. Helps the budget. Matt
>doesn't have a heavy load but is still on the verge of failing his academic
>classes. If I could just find a way to get him to learn and motivate him
>he doesn't feel as if he is always failing, I could imagine him attending
>least Jr. college. Right now I hope for finishing high school. Not what I
>want for him though. Hopefully the testing might enlighten us as to other
>learning problems. But I find the school won't offer to do anything on
>own. You must be aggressive and in their face all the time -- pushing.