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Re: sculpture lovers

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Bunki Kramer (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 19:30:13 -0800 (PST)

>I'm looking for new>ideas.
>Mona in Wisconsin

Hi, Mona. (Man...I'm really envious of all you snowbound art teachers now
that the snowmaking ideas are starting to develop on this list!!!...and we
don't GET snow here.)

Anyway...some ideas for sculptures. How 'bout Oaxacan sculptures with BITS
O' WOOD from the NASCO catalogue? Exciting history and great use of pattern
and color to go along with the 3D.

How 'bout paper sculpture? Give each student some strong, white watercolor
(or other #90+) 11x14" or such sheet of paper and they have to make a
standing face in 3D and must use ALLLLLL the paper given and may have no
extra. Good project to discuss scoring, scrunching, folding, curling, etc.
paper...and the white on white has some exciting value possibilities for
drawing too.

Maybe you do papermaking. Try it in 3D form like maskmaking in-the-round.

Maybe leather-molding masks which can become 3D.

I was fascinated this past fall seeing Calder's hanging wire sculpture
"faces" which turn in the breeze. And what about his mobiles?

How about styrofoam heads you can also get at NASCO which are a great
starting point for some really nifty sculptures.

My latest thoughts have been drifting towards old computer parts/wires/etc.
glued together as jewelry or other 3D art.

Enlarging something a safety pin...into a giant sculpture in
any medium of their choice.

Hummm. I'm getting ideas myself now as I sit here writing this. Hummm.


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