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Wed, 13 Jan 1999 09:40:10 EST

In a message dated 99-01-13 06:25:42 EST, you write:

<< if you are not giving him medicine and you have told he needs it you are
doing him and injustice >>

Thanks for sharing! My son was on ritalin and that was the beginning of a
nightmare 4 years ago...He had a bad reaction, they didn't realize it was the
ritalin, thought he had a rare disease etc...developed strange tics
etc...Other medications affected his heart and health...tried about 6 of
them...I refuse to go that route again for fear of complications with his
health......He enjoys great health now and has won the Presidential physical
fitness award 3 years in a row !

<<because he can't help how he is >>

That's the point...As an artist ( an Art teacher ), I'm curious, don't you
think artist are different, and that given the environment, the teaching
method, an "artist" child can go either one way or the other? ( ie: Fail in
the system?) Aren't humans products of their environment ? Our society is
structured in a left brain way, but thanks god that's gradually changing, as
New Age ideas are slowly filtering through the system. I beleive the world of
tomorrow will be more compassionate and tolerant of people's differences, and
in fact honor them. It's the meantime I'm concerned about...And that's the
environment my son is growing up in...I need NOW what will eventually be
available tommorrow....I honestly don't think my son has a propblem. I beleive
the mindset of the "mainstream" educational system is the problem.

You write : << his homeroom teacher had had it with him before bringing him
to me the whole class was in turmoil because of this kid.>>

The "troublemaker" kid in the class is the victim, although his disruptiveness
affected the class. He just shouldn't have been there in the first place.
The system has failed HIM, by putting him in a school system that doesn't
provide what HE needs to fulfiil HIS potential. The result is HIS frustration
expressed in disruptiveness. Diversity is the law of nature, and our
educational system should reflect that....You can't have one size shoe for
everybody...THE SHOE WILL NEVER FIT... I'm not an artist, but an artist-minded
world my failure would be assured !