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Re: Elem. art clubs - response - lots of experience!

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Tue, 12 Jan 1999 19:08:33 EST

You got my attention with art club. This would have been my 13th semester
doing art club in 5 years. I needed a break! I did the art club for 1 and 2
graders too!
I did art club for fourth and fifth graders for years and started including
third graders last year. It's quite an undertaking! first of all, I hope
you're getting extra pay for this. You'll need to plan an extra lesson each
week that will be advanced for the fifth graders and not too hard for the
third graders.
I worked mostly with clay projects.
We made clay cups, clay ornaments for Christmas, clay sun plaques, and paper
mache reindeers, paper mache animal heads, watercolor cards for the holidays,
texture paintings, and cut paper mosiac pictures.
The pros of the club were you got paid for the hour, you got extra supplies
that you could use for the regular classes when the art club was done with
them, and your students were the elite in the regular classes and you could
depend on them to help others when they were done with their projects.
The cons were most students after school are exhausted and its hard for them
to make a transition to good listening skills, giving their all on a project,
and good clean up habits. I had the most difficulty with the third graders,
they're shot by the end of the day, and the fifth graders, who were too busy
flirting with others. Art club is somewhat like band practice in the middle
schools, 50% practicing music everyday and 50% socializing.
As far as good clean up procedures, don't let them go out the door, until the
tables and floors are clean. (My maintenance supervisor will pay me not to
have art club this year!!!!)
Lots of luck!