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Re: re; Colleges

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Tue, 12 Jan 1999 01:30:08 EST

I've been hearing on NPR that colleges and universities are rethinking SAT's
and ACT's. They are not as good an indicator of success in college as they
thought, and will look more at grades and activities. I don't remember what
places they said were beginning to do this, though. State universities
usually will take kids with an 800 or 900 SAT.

Also, some kids won't be pushed. Some are late bloomers. Some have to know
where they're going before they put forth the effort. For example, my
daughter, 30, is graduating in May with a BFA in theatre tech -- honors! Her
first try at college right out of high school gave her a .75 average for the
year! Jobs, different experiences, and an extra credit effort at a jr.
college (extra points in speech communications if they auditioned for a play)
opened the doors for her. She is incredibly talented and smart and wise now,
and I'm very proud of her effort and determination.

The smartest kids often are not the compliant ones. They have to do things
for themselves, no matter what kind of experiences you as parents try to share
with them. If he has to spend a couple years at a jr college to prove he can
do college work, then that's what he'll do! I wouldn't worry about Berkeley
or any university at this point. He may rebel at the pressure you put on him
and go a completely opposite direction.

My father was able to get me to do what he thought was best, and had me
thinking it was MY idea! How he did it, I don't know, but it worked.