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Art Institutes / Univ

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S. Henneborn (heneborn)
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 20:27:37 -0600

Sandra, You must have received letters from some very arrogant people to set
you off to such a degree! You are one of the most helpful, agreeable and
knowledgeable people on this list. If I haven't told you thank you ,recently,
then I will tell you now.

I went to Univ. and did not receive the good foundation in art studio that I
needed and I have been playing catch up ever since. My art from high school
was not good enough to be accepted into any art institute. I started art
classes in my senior year when the advisor finally let me in.

The important thing to remember is what you DO with the training you get.
Looking at the big picture I spent 4 years at University getting the best I
could from that institution and went on to more that a few years of graduate
work. That is drops of sand compared to years and years of reading, going to
museums and galleries, traveling, taking workshops and classes any where I can
get something of interest. Those 4 years undergraduate work were just a
foundation ... The steps to becoming certified. When I put in work to be
considered for a juried show do they ask me where I took my degree? At this
point I can produce or I can't! You have lived a life since you graduated!

Humans are so hung up on achieving a superior position. They try aligning
themselves with all sorts of institutions in order to assure themselves that
they have the edge! By the way I can't spell worth diddley so I have aligned
myself with this spell checking machine in order to be superior. I had a
teacher once who was certain that if we could spell and had clean fingernails
we were going out into the world prepared!.. Even in 4th grade I knew better!
Good spellers have the advantage once a week on the spelling test. The rest
of us just spend a little more time looking up words. We have the last laugh
now because the computer does it for us! Where is the superiority???

Please don't think that a few small minds represent the rest of the list who
appreciate all your contributions and your willingness to help with research
and encouragement!
Sharon,who is in your debt,

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