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Lesson Plans

African Am. History month

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Mon, 11 Jan 1999 19:50:13 EST

I would love a copy of your lesson plan, and the grade this was taught to.

When I was student teaching the supervising teacher did a lesson with k-5 with
a Dr. King theme. It was my first days at this school so it was pretty neat
that every class was doing the same lesson. I was actually able to teach on
the second day after I saw my supervisor introduce it 5 times the first day.
I found the 'dream' speech on the internet and we talked about the two
references to joining hands in the speech and what Dr. King believed in. Then
each student chose a 9" x 9" square of paper and traced one of their hands on
it. They were encouraged to have at least one other student that they didn't
know very well, or didn't usually sit with to trace their hand too. We talked
about line, pattern and overlapping. Then they used these to complete the
drawing. some students even drew little portraits of their classmates on
their 'hands'. the school had great 8' x 12' bulletin boards in the halls and
by the end of the week I had stapled 500 of the hands next to each other to
form a huge patchwork of hands joining together to bring peace. very cool. I
put the words "I Have a Dream" above the hands in a huge banner with pictures
of Dr. King on either end of the banner.

In a message dated 1/10/99 11:51:30 PM, DRITTART writes:

<<Concerning Black History Month: I do a lesson on Dr. Martin L. King and his
famous "I have a dream" speech. I have my students pretend that they are
sitting on the lap of Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial as he gazes at the back
of Dr. King as he is giving his famous speech to the multitude of people
gathering around the Reflection Pool on that hot August day. They see the
Washington Memorial in the distance. It is a collage lesson. We do the back
of Dr. Kings head in the foreground, the Replication Pool and the crowd of
people in the middle ground and the Washington Monument in the background. It
gives me an opportunity to teach perspective, how to depict crowds, the
setting of this famous event and how it must have felt to be at such a
historic location. I give a pre and a post test on the information and the
results are amazing. It is easy to learn input while you are doing art. Hope
this helps. For more information or a copy of my lesson, contact me.>>