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Re: mardi gras ideas

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freckles spots (freckles_spot)
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 15:09:36 PST

I have never been to Mardi Gras, but would love to go sometime. I
taught a unit to my 5th grades for several years. We did the guaze
masks on the face. I didn't want them to decorate them like monsters or
"Jason" so I picked the Mardi Gras theme.

I researched what Mardi Gras really was and found some very interesting
facts. It started as the Fat Tuesday before Ash Wednesday of Lent. Way
back in time...don't remember right now what century...people would give
up red meat for lent. In France, they would run a bull thru the town,
slaughter it, and cook it to eat it on Fat Tuesday. Since everyone in
town was there, they would have a big party with all the things they
were giving up for lent....meat, alcohol, etc. Eventually the towns
would start planning these great parades to go with the running of the
bull, and that is where the masks come into play.

Since those times, Mardi Gras has turned into more than a one day
celebration...but the meaning is still there. The giving up of
something for lent. I showed my students books with Mardi Gras
masks...but be careful .....there is alot of nudity in most of the Mardi
Gras and Carnival (in Brazil). I would only show them the pics from the
book that I wanted to show them....I think now I would make copies of
the pics since color copies have gone down in prices.

Hope this helps.
Judy in OK

>Hi all.
>I"d like to do an upper elementary lesson based on the Mardi Gras
>festival and wonder if any of you will share your successes. I have
>never been to the Big Easy, only read about it and found it
>especially the different groups/associations? (there is a special name
>for them I can't remember) that create special masks/costumes each
>Would that work for, say, the 4 fourth grades each assuming a different
>group identity? Please help me out here!
>Linda in sparkling, snow-covered Michigan

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