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Re: moving from elementary to high school

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Litesal (Litesal)
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 18:07:58 -0500

Dear Kathleen,

I did the opposite of what you are considering. I moved from a high
school setting, teaching just ceramics, to a grade school setting (k-5, 700
students). Initially I moved because my h.s. job was part time, and the
grade school was full time. However, I did have the opportunity to go back
to the h.s. when it became full time. I chose not to go back "up," and the
reasons are as follows. First, I wanted to teach design, drawing, and
painting, but the teachers with more seniority chose to teach those courses
(find out exactly what you will be teaching). Second, you simply can not
match the enthusiasm of elementary art students. Despite the fact that you
actually work harder in el. (in my opinion) their energy is contagious.
Finally, I like getting to know the entire student body, and all the
teachers. There is more comradery in grade school.

Things I miss least about teaching h.s. students: Lethargy, absenteeism,
students getting dumped in my class (who didn't want to be there),
overloaded classes (32+), figuring out grades (I now have plus, check,

Things I miss most about teaching h.s. students: Higher level of skill and
understanding, seeing a student drastically improve (more time in class,
daily), sophisticated artistic discussions (with a few), and nurturing
students that want to continue in the arts.

Hope this helps, Leah

>As a new member of this network, I would like to approach the idea of
>moving from an elementary art K-6 (600 kids) to a combo middle-high school
>position (600 kids). Any pros or cons to be considered? I would love