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Art Colleges versus Universities LONG

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 13:02:17 -0500

I don't need the help if you were referring to me. I attended an art
college! I can vouch that several of my friends went on to YALE to
get their masters as well as Cambridge and ALFRED so the MYTH that
we are some how not as equivalent as all you University people is
I do get tired of several people on the list somehow under the
impression that they are holier than thou when it comes to their
education or their credentials. I will say that quite a few of my
peers had learning disabilities- many were Dyslectic some had other
faults that doesn't mean we are any less equal in talent in fact I
believe more so!
You are right in that equally we would not test well to get into
University's (which won't look into other than just test scores).
You can't tell me that someone going to an art school and has at
2 full days and 3- 1/2 days in studio isn't getting more time put in
on their development of their work. After all we receive BFA's which
is the difference in BA's. We have the opportunity to stand next to
and work beside artist such as Jim Leedy, Peter Vokus, Jim Dine,
Laurie Anderson
Ken Furguson, Dale Eldred, and so many more I won't email about. we
also don't have to put up with any SH*T such as- Sororities or frat
boys, Instead of people privately emailing me about how awful my
education must be why don't you all get off your self preserved
pedestals and spend time volunteer teaching at an art school. Also
the Myth that we can't work is absurd- Maybe I am not the best
example, but my peers in College are out there, one is a curator
for san francisco museum of art another is the head of installation
at the chicago (Dinosaur) museum
duh I forgot the name- I have several who are teaching in colleges
and others who are designers, painters, printers etc.
And this goes out to my sister as well- Who instead of sending my
Nephew to Chicago art Institute (where he was accepted) is picking
a university because she doesn't think he'll get a good education.
Now I know why a year ago when I joined, I was constantly picked on
for mis spelling- anyone who is more concerned on the way a person
spells over what they are saying shouldn't be teaching!!!!

Sandra Summers-Barrick

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