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George Martin Rex (grex)
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 10:32:30 -0600



Some refer to their files of articles, photos, ideas, etc. as a morgue.

Below is the premise and basic structure of mine, which after 40 years of teaching and active art production, overfills four drawers in my studio and two more in my office. These were built for my use and shared with students on an as needed basis. "what does a zebra look like, how do pecan trees branch, how are flying eagles look, what is relationship of front and back legs of a giraffe ?" I insist on a preliminary concept sketch so that these files are not a copy book source.

To some extent the file folders are cross referenced. As each genaric file becomes too bulky it is subdivided. Each subdivision file is labeled to show genaric start and further break downs.

------------------- __/Animals - domestic \_______________________ / Pets Dogs, Cats See pets exotic

____________________ _____/ Animals - domestic \______________________ / Farm

_______________________ ______/Animals - Wild - Birds\_________________________ / Raptors - see Eagles

Animals - Birds " - Water

Animals - Wild - Canines " Feline " Primates " Reptiles " etc. ___________________ ________/ Crafts - Ceramics \ ----------------- Subs: Wheel, coil, molds, lids, feet Weaving, macrame, papier mache, jewelry

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