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Re: regarding h.s. students who don't pass anything in.

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Wed, 6 Jan 1999 22:14:21 EST

Good Advice, Pam! I should have read my mail yesterday - today I got my first
irate parent phone call "Why are you flunking my kid so she can't play

How about
(1) She has been flunking all term.
(2) When asked to do work in class, she has refused, smarted off, did
something else or screwed around.
(3) We spent 7 weeks working on a HUGE non-fiction writing portfolio project
and she didn't turn in any drafts on time for credit.
(4) The final portfolio was due the Friday before Christmas vacation (Dec.
18) and she didn't turn it in.

So....... in an effort to help your kid be eligible in SPITE of herself, I

(1) Sent home a progress report (for extra credit no less) every two weeks.
None were returned.
(2) COnferenced several times with this student.
(3) Sent a flunking midterm home three weeks ago through the mail.
(4) MADE A DEAL with her - I signed a conditional eligibility for Christmas
break so she could play on the agreement that she would turn the work in at 8
am on Monday when we got back. She didn't turn it in.

So..... I told the coach that she can't play UNTIL I SAY SO!!!

Had a game yesterday. She runs in at 3:00 with the work, throws it in the
basket and asks for a note so she can play. I refused since I didn't know if
the work was "quality" or not. I have spent the last two nights at meetings
and all late work is sitting in a pile by date waiting for me to find time to
grade them. After all, I am being nice enough to accept them late with
deducted points. I figure if it wasn't a big deal for them to turn the work
in on time, I shouldn't have to feel rushed about scoring it. After all, the
due date was set so I could do it DURING my vacation so the kids could have
their grades in time to play sports this week.

After mom got the FULL story, she cooled down and said thank you. Guess this
is the first of many calls now that I am teaching high school. WHEEE!!!

kim (sorry this is so long - had to vent!)