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Just another day in the life of an art teacher

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 20:54:43 -0500

Hello to all. I just wanted to give everyone an update on the lovely
situation that has been developing within the walls of my school. Today I
told my part timer that she would be losing her desk. I told her that I had
made this important decision because I valued her health. She agreed with me
after hearing about all of the EPA information. We set out on a very busy
confusing day, the second for me, both lasting way past 5:00, of moving and
removing 4 years of absolute crap-o-la out of the old art closet. At this
point the classes are flying by because I am so grateful to be teaching and
breathing in a clean air environment. Everyone is sympathetic,
understanding, down-right NICE. This is a new personality thing for some of
these staff members. What I don't realize is that this poor new part timer
is getting demeaned and degraded by most everyone she comes into contact
with. Peoples's thoughts if you can believe this are: "Nobody told you to
move out of there. Nobody from the EPA came in and said there were actual
gases. (These are in fact the same people that were coming to me saying it
smelled bad in my office and now if you can believe it all the way down the
hall.) You really don't have it so bad. The new space is even bigger. Why
aren't you guys never smile anymore. (That's because if we
did..we might've thrown up!!!)" ETC. It seems that maybe some of the gases
must have escaped into their classrooms. I cannot believe the pure shutzpa
of these people. i wonder why they don't come directly to me? Perhaps I am
too intimidating..hahaha... all 5 ft. of me. I feel as if yes, I made the
decision to move out of there, but it was either that or my health! Hello
people wake up!!!! I actually told one woman today "NO, you cannot leave
your old dirty supplies in the closet with my stuff.(I said it differently,
but I didn't even feel bad about it.) I feel as if I have been kicked in the
teeth. Perhaps I need to look elsewhere for a job. Art on a cart is
horrible, but I have adjusted somehow. The kids and I have a great time. We
do fun things, laugh, joke, etc. We even do all the messy stuff that they
don't want in the classrooms. (The early months of this year I could write a
book about. Let's just say yes, we will be using your sink..back off!) This
is actually one of my best teaching years--program wise. It's all of this
other crap that is killing me. Any more thoughts about art on a cart would
be appreciated. Helpful hints are always great to hear.
Thank you all for listening!!! Stephanie

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