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Re: What you need to know about teaching and ETC!

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 20:18:06 -0500

Happy New Year to all!
I have a couple things to share. First, I have been reading all of the great
helpful hints for what teachers should know. A few things I have thought
about already have been listed. I went back to school after 6 years to get
certified in art ed. and felt at graduation that I wasn't prepared. I
remember the day of graduation I looked at a friend of mine and
said.."Well..that's it? What do we do now?" One of the areas I felt was
lacking was the reality of theory to real life. We spent alot of time
thinking up great lessons. But realistically these lessons are found in only
the third dimension where things are perfect..budget, supplies, space,
support, etc. Reality hit me hard my first year of teaching when I realized
the situation I was in. Also finding the right job is something that many
programs don't take into consideration as well. More prep. with the resume
is necessary. Standing out in the crowd of paperwork was something I learned
on my own by trail and error. And by the grace of god, I was lucky. I think
classroom management is something that each year has changed for me.
Expectations are important but they can evolve into relationships that build
trust and respect without having to be least in elem. where you
have the same kids year after year. I imagine high school would be
different. And I really feel that someone needs to write a great book about
how to do fantastic art on a cart! I would be the first in line to buy it.
This is my first year without an art room and I am feeling it in some ways.
Many of the projects have to be altered and / or neglected because of space
issues..I hate that! I start graduate school this month and I'm looking into
that as perhaps a thesis project. Lastly, I think that art ed. should
prepare you for : the interaction with other teachers in the classroom, how
to draw the line at being what they think of as a "hand-maiden", how to
vocalize the necessity of your program to everyone, how to write a grant,
how to bamboozle the Parent Organization into funding a great program, ETC.
Next, the information that was being asked about to voice how important your
program is...Isn't there a great article on the website at the Getty? Strong
Arts, Strong schools. I remember printing it out. Lastly, for all following
my air quality issue.. I refuse to type the T word. I approached my
principal today with everything from the EPA, the e-mails, etc. My
vice-principal looked like she had seen a ghost. The result I came to was: I
will not work in that room. I will be taking over the old art storage
closet, which is a total disaster! and I will no longer have a desk..because
there is absolutely NO space for it. But hey, at least I won't be a dizzy,
nauseous, light-headed, half-witted, aching head sickly art teacher. Ah, the
perks of this job! Thanks for listening!!!Stephanie