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Melissa Enderle (
Sun, 25 Jan 98 19:57:49 -0600

>Please tell me more about the Wacom Tablet and Stylus. I teach K-8 Art and
>would like to have the school purchase something like this for our computer
>lab which is just across the hall from my art room. I am barely a step ahead
>in learning about this technology and need lots of advice. How expensive is
>it? Do they "hold up" to lots of use by many kids? I want to make this jump
>ahead in technology with some confidence that I won't be disappointed in the
I use the Wacom tablet for my own computer work. Since having problems
with carpal tunnel syndrome (even after surgery), I have found that my
tablet and stylus has become a great friend- in fact, my mouse isn't even
plugged in on my desktop computer at home!
In the pre-wacom era of my computer usage, I found that the mouse worked
fine for things like word processing, but I felt that the mouse was very
clumsy when I tried to do some graphic work. The stylus of the wacom
tablet is so natural- so light and feels like a pencil. The stylus is
batteryless and cordless. It also has an "eraser" on top. The larger
tablets have programmable buttons on the tablet.

Using a tablet and stylus with kids who have only been used to a mouse
will take a little adjustment, especially since they are not having their
drawing tool on the projected screen. There are some devices such as a
touch window that do allow kids to "draw" right on the computer screen.

The one thing that I would be more concerned about is the cordless nature
of the stylus. Be careful so the stylus doesn't get "misplaced." I know
of one high school art teacher who had someone steal the sylus, with a
replacement costing a considerable amount.

The 4x5 tablet costs about $139, a 6x8 for $289, 12x12 for $389. Calcomp
has improved its tablets, now equaling in quality to the Wacoms. In
addition, the Calcomp brand is cheaper.