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RWilk85411 (RWilk85411)
Sun, 25 Jan 1998 08:38:11 EST

Thank you Larry for taking the time to trace and clarify DBAE and it origins.
In support of your words South Carolina's framework was already very similar
to the DBAE format when DBAE surfaced. Perhaps someone who worked on the state
framework was cognizant of the DBAE work. I have had DBAE training
(incomplete) and know that the training makes all the difference in the world.
I realized that someone had simply organized what good teachers were doing
anyway. Perhaps if the Getty Institute would take the training closer to more
teachers, i.e., each state, more teachers would realize that DBAE is not a fad
but good solid instruction. Perhaps they would realize that there are as many
ways to do it as there are teachers. Then we could be rid of this idea that
DBAE prohibits or limits production or that it is all talk and no action. Of
course they will have to cover the bulkof the cost. We know that there is no
district or state dept. that will bring DBAE in or spend the funds to train
teachers like they do Madeline Hunter, ITI, PET, and WHATEVER.I had to travel
to Cinncinnatti for my training. My district coordinator arranged the money.
However,travel money for the next several years was spent bringing in Susan
Kovalik(sp), Madeline Hunter, et al and running all of us through it. In the
meantime downsizing got rid of the nuisance of an arts coordinator and though
I have traveled it has been to view school to work, technology, etc., sites. I
have made a few converts but it would be far better if they went through the
training themselves. I know I would be willing to do what I could on my end.
Maybe those of us who believe should inundate the Getty with letters.