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Robert Beeching (robprod)
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 17:58:33 -0800

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DATE LINE Ahwahnee, CA

DATE LINE Ahwahnee, CA




Getting ready for 2000 has spurred a great interest in visual design, particularly graphic design for desktop publishing and graphics for web pages where the days of "visual clutter" are numbered. ARTSPOT PRODUCTIONS, INC. based in California, is introducing DTEK/2000, a video design technology series to prepare elementary and secondary level students in art production for the new millenium.

Series producer, Robert Beeching, states that "making pictures to hang on the wall is like a grain of sand on the beach of visual arts training." We need to teach our children that the visual arts encompass our entire environment from the clothes we wear to the furniture we sit on, to the cars we drive. No longer can we afford to deny our children exposure to the processes and skills that can prepare them for jobs in the 21st century.

Moving onto the information "super highway" requires that we become even more oriented toward a visual approach to industry. How we present ourselves, our products, and our presentations often is the determining factor that leads to either success or failure in a world of high-impact visual information.

"If one is not conscious of how quality visual design can affect outcomes," states Beeching, "we are fooling ourselves." The general public has become saturated with visual imagery, and has, by default, learned to recognize and to separate good visual presentations from the bad.

Visual Arts training is a must for anyone who is entering the world of commerce. Learning the principles and elements of good design is essential to this process. The DTEK video program has been structured as an inter-active way to learn the basic technologies of drawing, painting, and constructing in a new key. Beeching comments that "No longer can we afford to neglect visual arts skill training to our young. Research has proven that young children can learn to draw, paint, and to construct as well if not better than they can learn to read, write and to compute when trained from an early age."

Program designer, Robert Beeching, is a Stanford graduate in art education, and a former television art director and curriculum designer who gained first-hand experience in teaching visual arts to children and adults alike on an international base. You can view a sample of the DTEK programs on the ARTSPOT web site at:

CONTACT: Tom Steskal, National Sales, 209-642-2805 or E-mail <robprod>