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Robert Beeching (robprod)
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 15:08:17 -0800

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Bill Morgan, EXT:0908 wrote:

> Robert, > > Only last week did I sign on to the artsednet Digest, and discovered > people thanking you, personally, for filling them in about DBAE. > > I have just come from the academic library, where I photocopied > everything that the ERIC database produced on DBAE and/or Elliot > Eisner. Would you mind sending me an electronic copy of the "most > excellent" synopsis that everyone else read but I missed? > > I am performing a lit review on methods and instruments for > evaluating arts programs in elementary schools (may develop into a > dissertation proposal, this Summer). > > Cudos, > > Bill > > William L. Morgan, Ed.S. > Edith Bowen Lab School > Utah State University > Logan, Utah 84322-6700 > > (435) 797-3085 > morganb

Hello Bill,

I will dig out an article on DBAE which was published in 1986/87 in response to the intrusion of GETTY into the field of art education. The thrust of the issue is that with an annual budget of 96 million dollars allocated to the Getty Education Institute, it becomes a formidable force in the field of art education. Stanford professor, Elliot Eisner was brought on board to design DBAE. It seems obvious to many of us in the field that the cannons of DBAE: Aesthetics, Analysis, Criticism, and Production (at the bottom) leads one to assume that DBAE is a vehicle to promote the extensive Getty art collection under the guise of general art education. Getty has offered doctoral candidates stipends and grants to further the cause of the Getty.

The people at Florida State are deep into the Getty program as well as some in Texas. These are my personal observations, and not necessarily held by others. What concerns me the most is that Getty has down-played the need for process/skill formation in favor of a revised type of watered down art appreciation course. School administrators like it because 1) it costs nothing to institute, and 2) elementary classroom teachers like it, because it takes very little knowledge of art processes, and is easy to accommodate within their current class schedules.

I'll get back to you.




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