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Re: Mac vs. PC

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Toulouse95 (Toulouse95)
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 11:16:35 EST

To add my two cents to the fray:

I have used both the Mac and PC. I thought I would always be a Mac person, but
have become a convert to the PC side. I see positives to both sides formats,
but since I had to switch to PC to mesh with school changes and my husband's
work needs on the home, they are my favorite now. As usual, what is meeting
your needs at the present seems to be the best. As with many schools, we used
to be all Mac, now we are exclusively PC, trying to prepare our students for
what the majority will face in the business world.

The problems Linda described with her PC (crashing, freezing, etc.) sound like
the school system made the mistake ours did initially. They tried to save a
few dollars and hired some small, local so-called computer outfit to put
together gray-market computers for us. A little knowledge is a dangerous
thing; The systems were a disaster. The problems were not the fault of the PC
format but of the shoddy equipment put together by unqualified individuals.
Tying to run things with insufficient memory will also cause problems like
that. Again, that is not the fault of the format but the equipment.

We now have after-market PC computers at school that run with great
efficiency. Everyone seems to like them now. As someone already stated more
eloquently, each individual needs to decide what system will integrate best
for their personal needs.

Mary Jane