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Re: Mac vs. PC

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Pygment (Pygment)
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 00:17:43 EST

In a message dated 98-01-15 17:24:53 EST, bouton writes:

<< We are going to by a new computer, but we don't know
whether to buy a Mac or a PC. >>

Your husband should try to get a feel for what he will be using in his
field of employment. Yes, many graphic arts agencies use Macs....but it is
getting to the point where many of these same tyes of agencies also use PCs.
The PCs are catching up, graphics wise, and software IS much more readily
available for the PC....not to mention that the PC gives you a lot more bang
for your buck!
As far as which is better, my brother, who is getting his masters in
computer programming say that PCs and Macs are pretty much equal right now.
One month the Mac will have an edge...the next month the PCs will be on top of
the heap.
As far as being "easy to use", they both are now. With the Windows
framework, you no longer have to deal with as many "mysterious codes." So
really, ease to use isn't much of an issue. I can say this with some amount
of confidence, as I have owned both a Mac and a PC.
The biggest drawback on the Mac is the price. They are more expensive
to keep up with than a PC. But if that's what your hubbie will be using at
work, it will be worth the investment.
Shop around and try them both out...see what works best for you.

Deb Meier-Sprague
Batavia City Schools