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Fwd: Censorship

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RWilk85411 (RWilk85411)
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 22:11:24 EST

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Subject: Re: Censorship
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 05:48:45 EST
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Are you saying that the teacher in question was showing pornography? Are you
saying that the children in the countries where this form of nudity is everday
custom, are being perverted? My children were "exposed" to art forms clothed
and unclothed from toddler on. I was not of the opinion that I was exposing
them to pornography. Neither of them is, to my knowledge, a consumer of
pornography. I think that children understand what we teach them to
understand, tolerate differences in the manner that we teach them, and fear
what we teach them to fear. Of course we can always teach them to wear sheets
with hoods! I respect the rights of parents to choose what their children
learn or don't learn. I refuse to put them down for their opinions. However do
not imply that I am perverting children when I show them classical Greek
sculpture or paintings of people who don't happen to cover their entire bodies
with clothing. Did it ever occur to you that children flipping through
channels on TV will stop and watch things that they HAVEN'T seen out of
curiosity? And of course when they do, they have no standard against which to
measure what they are watching.
Please just continue to remove your child from the class. Please don't dictate
to the rest of us what we can look at.


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