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Censorship: Our Minds Are Dirty, Not Our Bodies!

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MegaSept (MegaSept)
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 15:14:33 EST

Dear Marion,
While parents should have some say as to what their children are
taught, I must protest that "the web of sin" begins not with viewing of a nude
body, or a depiction of a nude body, but with stigmatizing the human body.
This automatic connection of the body in its perfect and real state with sex,
is precisely why pornography is so popular and intriguing to so many of our
adult population.
We teach nudity is "dirty". We teach nudity means sex. Then we
teach sex is "dirty". Then our guilt-ridden young adults either listen soley
to their hormones (We do not teach self control, but rather absolute sexual
abstinence.) or equate sex with sin and death (how convenient that the real
mortal threat of AIDS would come along for these teachers of repression.)
Then we create a huge industry (by and for males) around the simulation of
sex, further separating adults from the real --responsible loving and sexual
enjoyment that is a rich part of life.
I am not a teacher, but I do remember being a student. I once had
a conservative Republican teacher (Niece of Art Linkletter) who introduced the
subject of sex education (It was the first year of sex in the curriculum.) by
letting us know that she thoroughly enjoyed her sexual life with her husband.
She blushed when she told the truth to her students. Good for her! Are you
ready to do the same with your students? Young people are not stupid. They
need guidance, not lies.

Yours, Steven, Los Angeles