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Lesson Plans

shapes with K-5

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Lynda Brothers Matthew (brosart)
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 19:28:22 -0800 (PST)

I use cut out black heavy card, in the shapes of cylinders, cones, spheres,
cubes for the kids to trace. The lesson envolves learning how to put the
lines in to designate if the cylinder is upside down or right side up, if
the cube can be looked into at the bottom, looked into at the top, or looked
at the side, if the cone can have ice cream in it, or the ice cream is
falling out, and incorporate the lesson with where is the light, and with
overlapping images. I know it's a lot to throw at K,1,2 kids, but I also do
the same lession up to 5th grade, just with the extra "make an interesting
movement with the shapes". The kids love it! We use a pencil first for the
tracing, then charcoal ( after a lession on tone-light to dark) and they
learn to overlap the shapes, make an imaginary light source in the top
corner of their paper (12 X 18") and shadow all of the shapes to fit their
light source. In that way they learn layering, shading, the name of the
shapes in 3-D, how to blend charcoal, etc. all in one lession. When I get
them again the next year and we repeat the lesson they are much more sure of
themselves, and are really excited to get their drawings to look more like
real-life. I also use a simular lesson to learn hatching, etc. with a fine
sharpie pen.

Lynda Brothers