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Re: First Grade - Shapes

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Fri, 4 Jan 1980 07:19:41 +0300

I just finished a shapes activity with 1st graders. First we talked
about the three basic shapes in nature, from which all drawing is
derived, the circle, triangle, and square, and then identified shapes
in various non-representational works of art.

I have every group (tables of 4) cut squares of brightly colored
paper and had them tear other shapes out of them. We saw how we could
create triangles, rectangles and circles from the squares. After they
tore shapes out, they pasted them on a large piece of paper, either
white or black (16x20). I gave them cellophane squares to place over
the pieces they had torn or elsewhere to introduce color blending.
Finally, I gave them the primaries plus black and white in trays with
mixing trays inbetween two students. (80min block total). If you had
shorter periods, you could do the torn paper collage and cello one
lesson and the painting around the shapes or on them the next.
Students who finished early mounted their work on large sugar paper
(equivalent to construction, sort of) and made shapes in the border.

The results were amazingly wonderful.

Teresa Tipton

From: "Cathy Jo Opfer" <copfer>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 08:04:11 +0000
Subject: First Grade - Shapes


I would appreciate any lesson ideas for teaching first graders about
SHAPES. I'm in the midst of student teaching with a wonderful
co-operating teacher. I've already run a couple of ideas past my
teacher, but I'm not really pleased with my own selections. I'm not
a perfectionist, I know there's has to be some wonderful ideas that I
have not considered. After this lesson on SHAPES, I will be teaching
about TEXTURE.

Thank you in Advance!!

Cathy Jo

Cathy Jo Opfer
"Education Excellence in Art and Theater"