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Lesson Plans

Re: substitute teaching

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RWilk85411 (RWilk85411)
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 14:01:32 EST

I think the most annoying thing a sub can do is ignore the lesson plan I have
left or to adjust it to suit their lack of knowledge. I usually leave
detailed lesson plans that any idiot could follow and administer. I leave
anything that could possibly be needed all laid out. I leave detailed
instructions including where to place the work, etc. I leave notes designating
students who can be depended on to help and those that need extra monitoring.

I have had subs say: "This is rubbish, stupid, boring ( you choose) just draw
a picture." Perhaps all the drawing materials were locked in the storage room.
Once it was unlocked it was easier to let the students help themselves. You
can imagine what that was like."Just work on your homework." I don't need to
detail what that evolved into. discipline problems. I have had excuses such
as "Well I don't know anything about art." I have had them bore the students
with stories (from their personal lives) of no interest to the students. I
have come back to find that they have allowed students into the storage room.
They have let them get into the supplies and do whatever they wanted to do.
Usually the room is destroyed, supplies are wasted and tools are broken. Some
of these subs have been "art majors" or unemployed "art teachers".

Not all of my subs have been disastrous. I have developed a process of leaving
book work the first time I have a sub. Then I check the work to see if it was
monitored. I place a lot importance on the notes left for me by the sub. Also
of tremendous importance is how they handle the inevitable discipline

We have to call our own subs.When I find good dependable subs, I use them
exclusively and treat them like gold. Then I am usually able to leave
meaningful work for my students.

I like it when I have a chance to meet a sub before I actually use them. Some
subs campaign to get the work. I am always impressed with those that stop by
and talk to you about subbing for you and what can they do to make your
absence easier. Our district trains our subs in the basics also. (My
suggestion years ago.) And that has helped tremendously.

All in all I have subbed and I know it is not an easy job. I will teach full
time anytime. So good luck.