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Re: music in art room

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Lily/Clair Kerns (CWKerns)
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 05:41:33 -0600

I believe that if a school-wide policy exists, every teacher should follow
it for the
sake of consistency and esprit de corps. You might consider buying a boom
box with tape
and/or CD capability for your classroom. Many teachers at school do this.
I don't
allow students to handle it, however, since it gets to be a distraction when
they use it
rewind their tapes (saves Walkman batteries) or replay the same song over
and over, or
crank up the volume. If they want to play their own tapes or CDs, they have
to hand it
to me; if I think the lyrics may be questionable, I won't play it.
I've tried allowing them to choose the music, to use their personal walkmans
/ headphones (provided the volume was turned down enough that only they
could hear it!) , sometimes I gave them a choice of my music or none with
absolutely no talking while they worked. For some projects--no choice. I
finally settled for using music only for selected projects with my choice of

I found that the type of music being played can have a BIG influence on the
work accomplished as well as the general atmosphere in the room. Best
choices--melodic, NO Words, flute is especially good. Guess whose choices
those are...

I tried this one time in a 3-4 grade room, giving each 10 minutes with the
headphones and a Zamfir tape with pan pipes (one little cheap tape recorder
for 29 kids). That day they were to draw 3 overlapping figures (head and
shoulders starting with ovals) . One boy's drawing was typical for the
age--but during the 10 minutes he used the headphones, he did the most
intricately detailed neckline/necklace section. When he passed the
headphones on, he went back to the style he'd used in the first half of the

Lily Kerns CWKerns
Art Teachers--