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Re: walkmans

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Maggie White (mwhite)
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 17:58:01 -0800

Peggy Woolsey wrote:
> This may seem a trifle, but what kind of experiences have you had in your
> high school classes with walkmans/ Supposedly they are not allowed in my
> school, but many kids have them. Often I am asked in art class if they may
> be listened to when the students get into their work. So far i've abided by
> school policy, but days like this when the moon is full, I sometimes wonder
> if maybe the noiser students would calm down a little. Any input? Thanks!


For a number of years at my HS Walkmans were allowed in the halls, cafeteria, and any
classroom where the teacher would allow them. I was one of them. About 3 years ago,
however, they were banned from use in the building, mainly because a number of students
would not hear instructions or would outright ignore a teacher or administrator, later
claiming "I didn't hear you!"

I believe that if a school-wide policy exists, every teacher should follow it for the
sake of consistency and esprit de corps. You might consider buying a boom box with tape
and/or CD capability for your classroom. Many teachers at school do this. I don't
allow students to handle it, however, since it gets to be a distraction when they use it
rewind their tapes (saves Walkman batteries) or replay the same song over and over, or
crank up the volume. If they want to play their own tapes or CDs, they have to hand it
to me; if I think the lyrics may be questionable, I won't play it.

Hope this helps.

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