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Re: Elementary block scheduling

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Fri, 4 Jan 1980 18:20:21 +0300

I have 80-minute blocks (2, 40-minute classes in a block) for art once a week. I plan with the
classroom teacher and we team teach, but the content is directed by
me. That is, when a 4th grade teacher wants everyone to make models
of windmills for their energy unit, I suggest that may be an activity
for the classroom but in the artroom, perhaps kinesthetic sculptures
that have energy components from batteries or bulbs would be a better
integration with the concepts of art. Or perhaps one kid wants to
make a windmill sculpture. That's OK. But 20 kids making the same
thing is something I steer the classroom teacher away from. To me,
there's a difference from "plop art" - what I call this particular
teacher's example - and real curriculum integration where the concept
from the curriculum is used but the art concepts are not compromised
by other curricular content. At first there was resistence to whether
or not this was "too much emphasis on art." as it was called, but now
I have the principle saying, "there's a carryover from the art room
into the regular curriculum." (Hello!)

I have teachers who are now asking for triple blocks to be scheduled
for art.

Teresa Tipton

From: PicasoLovr <PicasoLovr>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:38:02 EST
Subject: Elementary block scheduling
Organization: International School of Tanganyika Elementary


I give it thumbs down. 40 minutes is too little time for lesson presentation,
question and answer, checking for understanding, passing out materials and
cleaning up. Have your administrator watch a 40 minute class. Does she see the
pained look on the children's faces with a rush-through assignment? Does she
see the frustration on those that are not good listeners? I have a 45 minute
lesson for each grade, and I certainly feel curtailed with the limited time
frame. Have your administrator observe an 'average' 40 minute class and
observe the same lesson with a 'average' 50 minute class. I'll suggest third
grade, their personalities clash and their just learning to follow directions
I hope I wrote this in time.