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Judith Grochowski (jfgro)
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 16:23:11 -0600 (CST)

Hi Bunki, et al,
The Maya Lin video is available through PBS Videos and they can be
reached at 1 800 3443337. The price, as I recall was in the neighborhood of
$29.00, which I really liked, having spent way upwards of that for other
videos. The box states "for home use only" but they knew I was ordering for
a is 83 minutes in length, and I've shown about the first 35
minutes in class with a bit of an intro and the rest the next day, (our
classes are about 55 mins in length). We also have the text, Art In Focus
(Mittler) which has a small piece about Maya Lin in the very first chapter,
so that's a nice lead in. I usually ask the kids who's been to see the wall
and after they raise their hands, ask if they could bring in photos if they
have them, etc.
The video gets into some of the controversies surrounding the wall
which I never knew about...even her ethnicity! Most of the first 35 minutes
are about the wall and the rest spans several other installations and her
explanations of these. I think middle school kids would find it interesting.
I like it on many levels : her accomplishments at such a young age, gender,
her aesthetics, sensitivity to a site/issue; oh heck, I just really respond
to her art. Conceptually the pieces are intreguing-from the use of glass in
a landscape to the water on the Civil Rights Memorial....come to think of
it, it is long-you might want to break it out into more viewings. I guess
I'd havta say I'm using it in the context of "appreciation" in my Intro 3D
classes, and with my sculpture class next semester, it may be a jumping off
point in responding to an issue with a focus on installation and sites. One
other thing I did do : we have to have a writing prompt and sample in all
classes in our building turned in every semester and I used Maya Lin's
artwork as the subject for some of my classes to write about, after viewing
the video.
Other 3D videos we have are Christos Running Fence, one on Noguchi,
Henry Moore, Maria Martinez, Lucy Lewis (Daughters of the Anasazi), and I
have one on Mary Jane Coulter(sp?) which I picked up at the Grand Canyon
last summer. Mary Jane designed many of the buildings there for Fred
Harvey-she was an architect and was hired by Harvey before women even had
the vote! Her Watchtower at the GC blew me away when I was there in July-for
me a total spiritual experience! I start my sculpture class next week and
can't wait to share some of this new info with them. Thanks for letting me
"go back there" mentally, for a moment.
So, yeah, anyway, who's got some other suggestions? I do have 3D
Wizardry and like it a lot.
>From the Milw area where we've got a little snow, Judy