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Suggs. on teaching uneducated admins.....

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Bunki Kramer (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 12:13:00 -0700

The other day I had an interview after I had been evaluated at my new
>job as a middle school art teacher and I was told, "Maybe you should not
>try to teach technical things to the kids like watercolor techniques,
>etc. and just do paper mache. Have you though about paper mache? We
>have a large supply of paper and the kids will love the tactile
>I have nothing against paper mache, but who is this administrator to
>suggest to me what to teach? Have any of you had to deal with this and
>how do you handle these situations when well meaning people suggest
>things for you to "do" like you don't have a structure curriculum of
>your own but are just "having fun."

Hi, TREE.........I think we've all had a page from this book. Some admins.
have no clue. To help the clueless along, get those bullentin boards around
the school covered with great work. Get other teachers talking about your
kids' works. Get stuff up in the faculty room. Do a project where you have
individual students assigned to diff. teachers (I include admin. and
classified/custodial) and have them do a design involving the teacher's
name, words about this teacher and items that bring this teacher to mind
(like a whistle, coffee cup, Garfield, etc.). Teachers love it..gets them
talking and gets your artwork up in their classrooms.

Get the local newspaper to take pictures of a special project you do with
the kids. Have kids write about their feelings in art and post these ALL
over the school (even in other teachers' rooms). I had mine answer a small
form which starts...."Art is.....". Wow. Did I get some heavy duty stuff.
Re-printed them on computer, mounted on black const. paper...they were so

Ask the local bank if you can display work. The school district office is
another avenue. I put up work in the school board meeting room and got
raves after their meeting. Try decorating the superintendent office. That
will impress the heck out of your principal.

Ask the admin. to come in one day and "do" the lesson with the students.
Mine now comes in once a year and has two students put plaster gauze on his
face for mask-making while we do ours and I finish up the mask to add to my
sample collection. He also has been in our room "doing" a plaster
sculpture...or he takes the lump home, carves it himself, brings it back
for us to see. I've also asked other teachers to stop by on prep time and
join in which they've done. Secretaries have too. I'm STILL waiting for a
parent to "do" a project with us. That's one of my goals.

Principal now also has one entire wall of his office relegated only for
student artwork. I do this once a year and I let him pick the ones he
wants. Ask if you can teach a lesson to the faculty for one hour of staff
development day time. That experience blew me away.

If you do a technique with watercolor, even if it's a throwaway, you can
make some kind of project with it. Admin. likes to see product. Most of the
clueless evaluate that way, as you know. Soooooooo, you gotta show THAT

In a nutshell you just have to keep plugging away at trying to chip off
those uneducated shards surrounding your admin. Involving them in the
process of art-making is a giant step. Toodles..........

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd.
Danville, California 94526