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Re: response to Bunki

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craig roland (rol1851.EDU)
Wed, 7 Jan 1998 11:28:30 -0500

>You ready to tango?

Well...okay. I'll try not to step on your toes.

>I have never assumed all teacher (educators) are incompetent and never said
>I did...I expected to hear from professors but I'm finding some are
>putting words in my mouth that I never said.

Sorry if my "flame" seemed directed at you. It wasn't. I was responding to
Tommye's post and what seemed to be a lingering impression (from a number
of postings) that teacher education (as a whole) was sorely lacking in this
>Hummmm. I didn't hear "ranting"...was I "ranting"? Sorry if it seemed like
>that. Frustration perhaps. And I have offered a constructive suggestion.

Ditto. Yes, it frustrates me too. And, yes, you did offer a constructive
suggestion. One that I've taken quite seriously.

I realize that one of the good things about this list is that its a place
for people to let off some steam and for others to say "I hear you." or "Me
I was just saying that some of us (teacher educators) would appreciate
hearing suggestions for improving what we do. Perhaps, its a "Men are from
Mars, Women are from Venus" thing? ;^)

>>I know that some states require this practice...

>Really? Mine doesn't. What states do?

This came up on a list before (I think this one). As I recall Iowa has a
requirement that teacher educators return to the classroom every so often.
There were some other states up north that do as well. Maybe someone else
knows which ones?

>Do we give up so easily to change the incompetent teacher into a less
>incompetent one?

Of course not. But, I don't feel more time in the classroom is going to
move an incompetent teacher too far along the continuum. Yes, it is a
start. But, from what I've heard of some teacher (educator) practices, it
would take a huge attitudial change to improve what they do. I suppose
I've been working with computers too long. I would just assume hit the
"delete" key with these people.

> I'm disappointed some people have become angry
>because they assumed I was down on all professors and took it

I do want to say I have appreciated this thread of conversation. I did not
take your comments personally, Bunki. I'm comfortable with what I offer my
students. But, I am open to criticisms and always looking for ways to
improve what I do as a teacher (educator). This list has been a great help
in this regard.

Well...I enjoyed this dance. Until the next number, then?


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