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Mark Alexander (mamjam)
Wed, 7 Jan 1998 06:59:57 -0500


I want to comment on Bob's point about DBAE. I find that the NAME
Discipline Based Art Education is very unfortunate-for the same reason.
However, I've looked into it and most of my lessons are roughly based on
the DBAE principles. Makes sense to me and most of my constituants-in
moderation. Getty, if you're listening, the concept is great but the name
is uninspiring and misleading to new initiates!

I've been following this strand about Art Educator training, and I've been
intending to get back with more on my perspective from Connecticut. I'm an
old guy with a new certificate. I have had both good and bad experiences in
my Art Educator training. I tend to agree with Craig-there are all kinds
of teachers-just as there are all kinds of people. It has been my practise
to put more stock into those I feel have more to offer me. Funny thing is-I
see my students doing the same thing now. I just keep trying to get most of
them to maintain their faith in me as a teacher. Sometimes that works
better than others. I guess my Art Educator training continues...


Mark Alexander, 1-8 Art
Lee H. Kellogg School
47 Main Street
Falls Village, Connecticut 06031

"The object of education is to
prepare the young to
educate themselves
throughout their lives."
Robert Hutch

At 9:53 AM 1/7/98, Bob Greaves wrote:
>We had a "distinguished " visitor from the US here some years ago
>talking about Discipline Based Art Education and you know what i
>thought. ????
> I got it completely wrong and connected discipline with punishment
>and correction. I guess I did not listen to a word he said. I
>still cannot see DBAE or whatever without having a secret chuckle at
>my original thought and then I am too embarrased to look at it any further
> I wish it could be called something else.
>I always have images of a teacher with 30 kids all sitting up ,
>pencils poised and on the count of 3, draw lines a to b, b to c,
> c to a. It reminds me of the old pastel books when i was at
> Primary school and the teacher showed us how to draw "A APPLE".
> However, I think though i am a secret DBAE person underneath it all.
>Bob Greaves.