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Re: Audial pitch and visual color

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Walter Krueger (wkrueger)
Wed, 7 Jan 1998 00:45:07 -0800

Dear all: I'd be very interested in this myself, being a classically
trained musician. I'm familiar with the color/music concept, but thought
it was limited to Scriabin (Russian pianist) who I think first had these
theories. However, they are not single notes, but entire chord
constructions. I recall hearing of purple, gold, silver, etc., in his
works (supposedly).

Now if music was the "universal" language and if Scriabin's theories were
true, don't you think we'd be seeing alot more of this?

Anyway, I think F Major is definitely "Blue."

We need a clinical study! Anyone?

At 5:38 PM 1/6/98, DOROTHY PIERCE wrote:
>Does anyone have references for studies re. the relationship of the sounds
>--DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI-- to colors--R, OR, Y, GR, BL, V? I believe
>that Goethe writes about this but do not have a reference, and, early in
>this century, Schaeffer-Zimmern at UC/Berkeley did some research in this
>area also. The key of F, for example, corresponds to the color green,
>which, in the case of Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony" (which is in the key
>of F) seems appropriate. Any information would be appreciated.

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