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Re: The Art Advocate . . . my views

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Tue, 06 Jan 1998 23:48:49 -0600

Hi Mike:

To respond to your questions:

I graduated from college with a major in PE K-12, and minor in Art.(Only
did student teaching in PE, unfortunately.) I've been teaching about 12
years, with time out about halfway through to raise a family. My first
5 years or so were at a K-4 school, where I taught PE and Art - kids had
each ONCE a week for 30 minutes! With that schedule I felt mostly like
a babysitter for classroom teachers! Next, I taught Art 3 days/wk. for
a year at a K-8 school (the regular teacher had a one yr. halftime
sabbatical). Now I'm fulltime Art and part time PE teacher at a SMALL
K-12 school(about 350 students, total).

I feel like my curriculum is improving, but I still feel I lack in many
areas. For example, my Life Drawing class in college was one of those
where the prof. said, "Draw", and that was about it. So when I work on
Drawing units with my kids, I always include contour and gesture
drawing, but I'm not sure I'm reaching all of them. I have a hard time
verbalizing what exactly I want them to do in contour drawing. (This, in
spite of the fact, that I've told them to "imagine a fly walking along
the edges. . . ", "use your eyes to walk along the edges and folds,
then pretend your pencil is attached to your eyes. . . ", and all the
other things I've read and heard to suggest.)

I'm also a real rookie at Watercolor, never having taken a class myself.
We practice various washes, a few brush techniques, I show them a little
about how to mask - and then we just kind of "wing it" together from

I feel I do OK at Printmaking and Ceramics, as well as
Jewelry(metalsmithing), although I know NOTHING about casting/lost wax,
so we haven't tried that (YET!)

BUT - I'm always willing to learn - it's just that out here in the
"boonies" it's hard to find someone to show me some of this stuff!

Any suggestions/ideas would be MOST welcome! (especially drawing
suggestions, since I feel that's such a needed foundation for so many



Mike Delaney wrote:
> To hyland,
> IHow long have ypu been teaching art? I had to decide while in college
> what area I was going to prepare to teach. I chose highschool but my
> degree was for Art Ed. k-12. Guess what jobs were available when I began
> teaching? Not high school. I taught 2 years Jr. High , then elementarty
> which I knew nothing about. I also traveled around. Then I went to the
> high school aand have been there 14 years. Anyway, the money is the
> problem. I feel thaat that decide what I teach in my classes.. I do a lot
> of things with recycled material in my sculpture and crafts classses. I
> love what I do and I feel we do good quality work. If you need any deas,
> write me. I have plenty as I hate to do the same projects year after year.
> I know what ones work. Enola from Indiana