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RE: Art Teacher Training

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craig roland (rol1851.EDU)
Tue, 6 Jan 1998 23:11:05 -0500

Tommye wrote:

>I've read the various comments over the past several
>artsednet-digests about the quality (or lack of it) of art teacher
>training in the U.S.....big snip.....
>I also believe I am not alone in being dedicated to art teacher
>training. While I would hope some other college and university professors
>might speak up about this issue, I am not calling for a verbal war.
>But, I do believe that several very strong and possibly exaggerated
>have been made about the status of all art teacher training in the
>colleges and
>universites of the United States that need some reply.

Since I've tangoed with Bunki before on this issue, I've been reluctant to
dance with her again to the same number.;^) But, Tommye's plea for
comments from other university professors was too difficult for me to

I get disheartened when I hear stories of incompetence in the any level. I'm sure we all do. But, because I witness such
incompetence in one teacher (or colleague) I don't assume that all teacher
(educators) are incompetent.

I don't doubt the criticisms that has been leveled recently on this list
about SOME art teacher training programs. Having gone through the "system"
myself, I also have horror stories to share. But, once again, I don't
assume that all teacher training programs are without merit.

I'm sure many of you are aware that the need to reform teacher education
has become a national issue. In addition to numerous national commissions,
a number of states have instituted reform measures to upgrade their teacher
preparation programs (including Florida). The US Dept of Ed appears to be
looking closely at teacher education. The NAEA has recently published a
book on Teacher Preparation....etc., etc., etc., Thus, it seems timely
that this issue would be raised on this list.

What I would like to hear is less "ranting" and more constructive
suggestions on how we can improve art teacher education (both at the
preservice and inservice levels).

Which brings me to a suggestion that Bunki made about teacher educators
returning to the classroom for an extended period of time. I know that
some states require this practice...I'm sure others will soon. I agree
that this seems like a good idea--at least on the surface. But, I don't
feel this alone will solve the problems that exist in teacher education.
While it will provide a healthy dose of "reality," the incompetent teacher
educator will in all likelihood still be incompetent.

BTW: Bunki, I plan to do just this on my first sabbatical in 27 years of
teaching next Spring.

I've gone on long enough. Time to crawl back up into my ivory tower.


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