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Re: The Art Advocate . . . my views

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Mike Delaney (edelaney)
Tue, 6 Jan 1998 21:47:19 -0500

To hyland,
IHow long have ypu been teaching art? I had to decide while in college
what area I was going to prepare to teach. I chose highschool but my
degree was for Art Ed. k-12. Guess what jobs were available when I began
teaching? Not high school. I taught 2 years Jr. High , then elementarty
which I knew nothing about. I also traveled around. Then I went to the
high school aand have been there 14 years. Anyway, the money is the
problem. I feel thaat that decide what I teach in my classes.. I do a lot
of things with recycled material in my sculpture and crafts classses. I
love what I do and I feel we do good quality work. If you need any deas,
write me. I have plenty as I hate to do the same projects year after year.
I know what ones work. Enola from Indiana

> From: hyland5
> To:
> Subject: RE: The Art Advocate . . . my views
> Date: Monday, January 05, 1998 9:48 PM
> Thank YOU, Bunki, for saying what I thought I was alone in feeling!
> I'm an art minor, who now teaches primarily art, all grades, and a few
> PE classes(the latter being my major).
> I always thought the classes I took for my minor were lacking in really
> needed teaching info - they were all studio classes - none dealt with
> WHAT I should teach at WHAT ages, or even artistic development in
> children, etc., etc., etc. I didn't even get to take an art methods
> course (which I felt I badly needed), until many years later, when I
> needed to upgrade my certificate for teaching in another state. This
> turned out to be a bomb of a class - all we did was make paper, which
> the instructor was "into" at the time. Fun, but not what I sorely
> needed.
> So, anyway, now that I find myself teaching art classes, I've always
> felt undertrained compared to the rest of you art majors. I've done
> lots of reading, bought MANY $$$ worth of books, and am still in the
> process of developing and refining my curriculum each year.
> Your letter has validated my quest of having to "find out for myself"!!
> I guess I'm not so "all alone" after all! I will say that courses in my
> major area DID prepare me well for handling groups of students, so I do
> have that to fall back on. But I'm always still searching for more
> "how-to" books in the various art areas. I've attended many of our state
> art ed. conventions, and they've helped alot. But, here, all along,
> I've thought that all the art ed. majors had all these wonderful
> curriculums and teaching techniques spewing forth. And I'm know many of
> you do - but I guess not because of college courses that I missed!
> Anyway, I'm rambling, but thanks for making me feel a little less
> inferior, and "in this together" with the rest of you!