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Art Advocate continuation....

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Bunki Kramer (
Tue, 6 Jan 1998 06:51:01 -0700

This has been fun getting a conversation going on our listserv. I truly
appreciate hearing from all of you and have gotten some excellent feedback
on a number of things. Unfortuately, everyone else is missing out on this
very heartfelt subject matter that has, it seems, affected all of us in
some way. I wish I could transfer many responses to the general listserv
but feel I shouldn't display your thoughts without permission. I do want to
ask you, though, to please post your responses to us in totality because we
really are a grand support group for one another and many of us have
invested alot of our souls here. There is actually very little "slamming"
compared with other groups and if you do get flamed, there's always one of
us around to straighten the agitator out. Where else are you going to find
so many soulmates who understand what you're feeling/ where you're coming

Moving on to someone's question about what is "art training" vs. art

It brings to mind a college experience of mine. After taking umpteen nude
figure drawing courses with a variety of profs., my sr. yr. found me in MR.
Agostini's (note - no DR.) fig. draw. class. Here was a teacher, with full
Manson-style beard, no Master's Degree, and several graduate-student
hangers-on around watching how he taught (they actually traveled with
him)...and I happened to have him one of the 2 yrs. he graced our
particular univ. (He traveled around
the country teaching at many...the one he left us for was Stanford Univ. in CA).

Here I am in my senior year with all of this so-called knowledge of drawing
under my then tiny belt and he comes by my stool, looks at my work and
says, "Here, let me show you how." For 5 mins. I watched how he drew a
model in front of him and he showed me how to relate lines to previous
drawn lines, how to relate body lines to other body parts, and how to look
at angles and edges, etc. Wow! I learned more in those 5 mins. than ALL of
the other 4 yrs. put together. This 5 mins. of bliss is what I teach my
students today. Without him I wouldn't have known where to begin. I feel
remorse that a some art teachers have never had a MR. Agostini of their own
but instead been put in front of a live model and just "told" to draw it.
That's the way it was with all of my other professors. I was being
"trained" in these 5 glorious minutes.


Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
Danville, California 94526

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