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CA credential....

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Bunki Kramer (
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 19:06:34 -0700

...I think it's
>>something like 1980 or so...then you will not receive a lifetime credential
>>but you will have to renew it again every 5 yrs. with 150 more hrs. of
>>college level work.
>What does this mean?? typo, I hope. Karen Hurt........

Maybe I didn't phrase it well enough. Every 5 yrs. (remember, I came from
out-of-state) I have to renew my certificate. I have to accumulate at least
150 hrs. of college level work or professional growth...that means five
3-semester hr. courses...every 5 years in order to remain in the teaching

(What do you think about Math>and Art connections?)

In order for me to have had a full-time job when I came to California
teaching, the school didn't have enough art classes offered so I had to get
a supplemental degree in something. That "something" turned out to be a
math degree (of all things) since they always had a need for new math
teachers. The math teacher in my college courses was very creative mentally
(not in skills though) and gave me the incentive to create a course in ART
'N MATH.'s not's mostly math...but I had to teach it as an
art elective so I did.

>From everything I've heard, I do think that California has the most rigorous
>teaching requirements of all the states.

If you think it's strict, you should know it's gotten even worst. Coming
from NC, I had to get courses in US History, Computers, Multi-Cutural,
Health, and CPR and one other one I can't remember right now plus a few
more. Today you also have to have courses in CLAD...Cross-Cultural Literacy
Blah, Blah. There's also a longer period of student teaching than anywhere
else, I understand.

NOW they're talking about even more things...longer school year, more
teacher preparation courses, dropping teacher workdays....the politicians
are coming out of the woodwork lately and having a field-day.

Do you think it improves education>for students?

Honestly? Really honestly? No for 2 reasons. First, it supplies the state
coffers with lots of $ from teachers to do paperwork for certification. A
$100 here, a $100 there. If you're from CA and you've played the game, you
know what I'm talking about.

Second, it all went down the chute anyway when the Gov./politicians
informed the state for 2 yrs. they had all this $ to spend on reducing
class size to a ratio of 1-20 in K-3 grade. They then pulled anyone with a
certificate (or close to one, or were THINKING of getting one) who could
walk and talk at the same time and slammed them into makeshift classrooms
without any preparation. It took our sub list down to're lucky if
you get one who wears clothes and doesn't drool. Do those two reasons sound
like it's improving ed. for students?

I'm constantly helping coharts who are running through this maze of
requirements since I'm at the stage of almost getting a handle on it

Have a good tomorrow....Cya..........

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
Danville, California 94526

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